Webhost manager

Webhost Manager is a state of the art server management software with a user-friendly graphical interface that let’s you create and manage all aspects of your client’s accounts. It’s features automate processes that normally you would have to do manually or have your hosting provider do them for you. You can create customized accounts, choosing each and everyone of their features, you can monitor bandwidth usage, disk space quotas and many other services and aspects.

Cpanel control panel integration

Each of the accounts that you create, in real time, will get their own specific features that you choose upon creation. After filling in their account information, you click "create", instantly setting them up with their very own Cpanel control panel where they can administer all aspects of their website, including creating e-mail accounts, custom error pages, sub-domains, mailing lists, manage MySQL databases, ftp accounts, et cetera without requiring any help from you or us.

Even if you have never operated a hosting business before, Webhost manager does most of the work for you, allowing you to manage and host multiple domains within your Reseller account, requiring only an internet connection and a few mouse clicks.

Webhost manager screenshot

Webhost manager screenshot

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