About Scionhost

Mission statement

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Our self-imposed mission consists on providing and delivering an excellent hosting experience, with an unequalled and personal customer support and employing state of the art hardware and technology; consummating our ideal of making the development and management of your website as easy and efficient as possible. We always try to keep things simple and easy to understand.

We make it easy for the web developer to concentrate on what they do best, design and develop their websites while Scionhost takes care of their delivery.


We started in February 2000 as a freelance web design and development entity. Eventually we became unpleased by the obscurity, deceit, lack of support and reliability of our then hosting providers, adding the fact that we had all our sites spread around different providers, making our operation even more difficult to manage. We then established Scionhost in April 2001, providing hosting only to our design and development clients. Finally, in March 2002 we opened our services to the public.

Since the beginning we built Scionhost as if we were ourselves our own client, and what would be the things that we, as a client, would need and require. Our Mission statement is basically our view of an ideal host for a growing business that looks for stability, reliability and support from his hosting provider; a hosting provider with which you can rest assured you are actually being cared for; and finally have a good night sleep, every day.

Customer care

Our belief is that an excellent customer support can mean the key difference between a successful internet operation an a failed one. With this thought in mind, we strive to make our support our best selling point, offering the best humanly possible care and technical support to our clients. We always try to keep our support personal and individual, listening and answering each of our customer’s questions, applying extra time to always go over the what’s required and expected; making our support completely unexpected, in a most excellent sense.


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Our servers are state of the art hardware, consisting of 2U Intel Dual CORE Woodcrest Xeon Processors, 4MB cache, 4.0GB ECC RAM, 3 x 320GB SATA II (3Gb/s) Hard Drives with Hardware Raid 5 for hard drive redundancy, Hardened Secure Kernel and Redundant Power Supply Units.

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We strongly believe honesty is the best policy to opt for in a hosting environment. There is already enough deceit and obscurity on the internet. By always being truthful about what is really going in the event of any issue, our customers always know what is taking place and every single step we take to solve it.

Most hosting providers will allege that they run their own datacenter. I dare to say that most web hosting providers do not own the datacenters where their servers are located. Scionhost leases floor space inside the One Wilshire building and does not own the datacenter itself. Lacking any mischievousness, we crave for a hosting industry that was as honest on this matter.

The stability

Scionhost is a debt free hosting company. We never incur debt, paying upfront for services pertaining to our operation. Our business is also cash flow positive and profitable. All of those facts lay the groundwork of a strong business that will be around for a very long time.

Most hosting providers need new growth so they can keep their negative cash flow running. You can breath easy knowing that Scionhost is a solid, stable business and your sites are in excellent hands.

The Scionhost team

A hosting company is only as good as the team that runs it. We are very fortunate to have very experienced, dedicated and talented systems administrators and support technicians. We do not outsource this aspect of our operation, in order to reduce costs, as a lot of our competitors do.

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