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Horde is an application that doubles as your own personal agenda on the internet, featuring different modules that provide different types of functionality. Primarily it is a webmail client, allowing users to access their e-mail from a remote location via a web browser. It is also an address book, where you can store addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, notes and more. It also features a calendar in which you can set events that last for a specific amount of time, alarms for each event, et cetera. You can also record memos and tasks; all of this from a completely web-based interface available to you from anywhere in the world.

The interface can be changed to many different languages and the modules all integrate with each other, allowing you to access the address book from the webmail client, append a memo to a specific day on the calendar, et cetera.


Following are the features and options available on the Horde framework.

Webmail client module

Address book module

Calendar module



Available languages

xhtml  css